New Resource – Uchisen

My dad has also been learning Japanese and he found this awesome website that I want to share with you called Uchisen.

If you are just a beginner like me, you will probably want to start with Uchisen Preschool.

They have an excellent explanation of the three Japanese language writing systems!

There are also drills for Hiragana and Katakana where you type in the romanji (English) letters that represent the kana syllable. See image below.

To see my full video showing how I used the Uchisen Preschool Hiragana and Katakana Drills, see my instagram reel here.

Once you feel comfortable with Hiragana and Katakana, Uchisen also provides excellent lessons on Kanji as well. Below is an example.

The visual design of each page is so approachable and friendly! It even includes a GIF with the stroke order!

I have had a book called Japanese Kanji Power for about 10 years and it has just been sitting on the shelf because I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by it. Below is the explanation for the kanji for tree.

There is no doubt that Japanese Kanji Power is a fantastic and useful resource – but I think combined with the approachability and user-friendliness of a website like Uchisen, a student of Japanese language would be best served by using both!

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