New Hiragana Stickers!

Getting started with Japanese pretty much always begins with learning hiragana, one of two syllabic alphabets.

This is because all words in Japanese can be written using hiragana. Even if you don’t know any kanji (Japanese writing based on Chinese characters), theoretically you can communicate exclusively using hiragana.

After practicing Japanese for 6 months with Duolingo, I can recognize almost all hiragana characters with relative ease. I am still a beginner at Japanese, but putting in even 2 minutes a day definitely makes a difference!

Our original Hiragana Stickers are a bit cost-prohibitive / expensive.

Our NEW Hiragana stickers are much more economically priced with two sets of the alphabet per sticker sheet and an increasing discount as you purchase more sheets. 🙂

These stickers can be used with flashcards, in your notebook, or anywhere that might assist your Japanese studies.

I have included “desu” ですand “desuka” ですか in the last column as these are common phrases in hiragana used by beginners to express simple concepts.

“Desu” です is the present tense of the verb “to be” and “ka” か is used at the end of the sentence if it is a question. There are no question marks used in Japanese. How about that か

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